Welcome Back, Squats


Ride 1K on stationary bike


Box squats at 50#, 60# and 80#

Back squat 3 x 5 @ 80#


AMRAP extra ROM Push-ups in 1 minute; rest 10 sec
5 box jumps, 20″; rest 10 sec
25 unbroken sit ups; rest 60 sec
4 sets

Pushups: 12/13/11/12

I splurged and plunked down $70 for a pair of Rehband knee sleeves to see if that will help my knee issues any. They are nice, and seemed to help my knees a bit. They are harder than heck to get on though, but that probably has more to do with my sturdy German farm girl legs than anything else. 80# was an easy weight, but I was being overly cautious because the last thing I need is another injury.

The metcon was a modified OPT WOD. I subbed regular push-ups for hand stand push-ups, box jumps for vertical jumps, and regular sit ups for GHD sit ups. It was still hard enough to suit me. For extra ROM on the push-ups I stacked bumper plates up and put my hands and feet on them to get extra depth. I subbed the box jumps because my knee didn’t like the vertical jumps, but I probably jumped higher onto the box than my vert would be anyway. And I did regular sit-ups because 100 GHD sit-ups would probably put me in the hospital. For reals.

Today is day three of my low-carb Paleo diet, and admittedly, not as low-carb as I’d like but better than what I have been doing. I made some homemade beef jerky, and I don’t think it would have any carbs, but Calorie King shows it having about 3g per ounce. I made the marinade myself, and I don’t think that’s right, so I choose to ignore those carbs. They do not exist, as far as I’m concerned. I made a big batch of Christmas cookies for someone and I did sneak a few spoonfulls of dough. Bah, it happens.

I feel good, but I’m tired tonight. I feel like I could sleep for two days, and I’ve been getting good sleep each night. Must be the sugar leaving my body.

Today’s food:

Yesterday’s food:


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