Pressing Matters

Press 3 x 5


12-9-6 reps press with 1:00 rest between sets 


So the last few months have not been great for me. I hurt my knee, tore my calf muscle, had my elbow messed up with an arm bar in judo, had a horrible cold that knocked me out for about a week, and to top it all of I gained about ten pounds.

Not good.

My plan is to get back on CrossFit Strength Bias with some good CrossFit Football-ish metcons and to clean up my diet. I’ve missed my last three tests in judo because of work and/or injury and I’m beyond frustrated with it. If I can test in February I’ll be ready to test for black belt in October, which I’d love to do because then I could test with two other people from our school.

That being said, here is the plan of action:

1. Diet: Low carb Paleo. Alternating days will be lower calorie (i.e. Monday 900-1000 calories, Tuesday 1800-2000 calories.) I’ve used this approach before and had great success with it. Most importantly: NO GRAINS, NO SUGAR!

2. Weight: Lose 15 pounds by February.

3. Fitness: Get stronger, get my pull-ups and dips back. Actually, at this point there is virtually nothing that I can’t improve as my fitness has slid quite a bit.

4. And the most important thing I need to do: STAY CONSISTENT. For crying out loud, just because I slip and eat an Oreo doesn’t mean I have to take a three week binge on the Ben and Jerry’s wagon. I swear, sometimes I just want to slap myself.

(As a not-so-interesting aside, I actually HAVE slapped myself after I did something stupid. It didn’t help, in case you were wondering.)

So that is the grand plan. The hardest part is going to be the first three weeks as my body adapts to the low-carb diet and gets back into the workout routine.

Today’s food:


2 thoughts on “Pressing Matters

  1. you can add me to that list! Although I didn’t hurt my elbow, or my knee, or my calf…..heck, I haven’t even had a cold. But I have gained 10 pounds….must just be lazy!! See ya in class 🙂

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