DIY Yoke

No one is every going to believe this, but… I made my own yoke out of junk I found around the ranch.

I know! That never happens, right?

So here it is, in all it’s glory. The cross bar is an old roller out of a baler, the uprights are old steel fence posts, and the bases are tire rims.

The baler roller already had holes drilled in the ends, so all I had to do was drill holes in the steel posts and bolt it together.

For the base I welded the bottom of the steel posts to some scrap metal, drilled holes in the scrap and ran bolts through the holes in the tire rims.

To load it, I just unbolt the crossbars, slide a plate over the steel post and rest it on the top of the rim.

Voilà – a yoke!

The simplest option would be to just run a chain through the ends of the crossbar and let it hang down and through the weights, but I wanted something I could walk under and not have to pick up and press overhead every time.

I also drilled holes lower down on the uprights, so I can also use this for zercher carries and half squats. The whole rig weighs about 58 pounds unloaded.


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