MF Shoulder Day



Fitocracy Arnold Bodyweight Circuit:

8 air squats
5 pushups
15 seconds plank
15 jumping jacks
6 walking lunges (per leg)
10 glute bridges

4 sets


30/30 dumbbell push press
1 set = 2 x 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest. “Rest” is in overhead position. Two sets, rest 3 minutes between sets.


2×10 lateral raise – 5#
2×10 front raise – 5#
2×10 reverse flyes – 5#
2×20 band pull aparts – 1/2″ band


2x barbell press + 2x barbell push press + 2x barbell push jerk
add 5# until failure, rest 1 minute between rounds

33# / 38# / 43# / 48# / 53# / 58# / 63#

This is one of Bobby Maximus’ favorite shoulder workouts. The amount of work I could do on the barbell complex was limited by my pressing abilities. Tried for 68# but could not press it.

I was going to start on the Gym Jones Women’s Foundation II program, but it turns out July is the busiest month of my year. Haying combined with two big freelance design jobs plus some family funeral/fighting over Tupperware drama (literally) and I pretty much had to abandon any hope of working out.

Now that I’ve done about two months of Gym Jones programming and studied the articles and Q&A’s on their site I feel (somewhat) confident in writing my own program. Basically, it looks like:

Monday: Hard Gym
Tuesday: Recovery
Wednesday: Hard Gym
Thursday: Recovery
Friday: Hard Gym
Saturday: Recovery/Easy Pace Endurance
Sunday: Rest

Recovery days are things like 60 easy minutes hiking/AirDyne/rowing or light technical work in the gym.

My schedule can be extremely erratic and chaotic, and if I’m writing my own program I feel much less neurotic about missing or modifying a day. When I’m on a PROGRAM I always feel like I need to adhere 100% to it and I tend to freak out when I can’t do that. Also, I’m really weak on a lot of lifts and I wanted to add in more strength work than tends to be in the women’s foundation programs.

On the downside, writing my own program means I might cherry pick my workouts, intentional or not.

We’ll see.