Even Easier Strength – Week 1 Update

As planned, last week I completed the first week of Dan John’s Even Easier Strength program.

Day 1 – 2×5 Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Seated Cable Row (3×5), Hip Thrust and three sets of farmer’s walks.

Day 2 – Ditto

Day 3 – 5/3/2 of all of the above lifts, plus three sets of farmer’s walks

Day 4 – 2×5 again + three sets of seated rows and farmer’s walks

Day 5 – 2×5 + three sets of seated rows and farmer’s walks

All in all, I feel pretty good. When I started my shoulders were a bit cranky with the overhead presses, but now, halfway through week two, I have no pain at all. That dovetails nicely with Matt Foreman’s book, where he posits that frequent movement makes your joints healthier.

Also, I love the quickness of the workouts. They have been taking me anywhere from 35-45 minutes, which for me is downright speedy. I am a slow worker-outer, usually piddling around for 60-90 minutes. With Even Easier Strength, I even have time for pre-workout mobility and stretching and still get through everything in a timely manner without taking all freaking day. Win.

My diet was absolute shit, though. What else is new? Working on getting the daily lifting a habit, then eating better a habit.



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