Back on the Gym Jones Track


Well, I made it through one whole week of the Gym Jones program then life dumped a truck load of work on me. We had to sell over half of our cows on the ranch because of the drought and I spent over a solid week gathering, sorting, shipping and branding cow calf pairs. I hardly had time to eat and sleep, let alone work out.

This week I decided to just start all over from the beginning since I didn’t get very far in the first place.

Day 1: Intervals on the AirDyne

Day 2: Recovery day. Turkish get-ups, windmills and a light weight circuit.

Day 3: IWT

Day 4: Easy recovery ride on the AirDyne

Day 5: IWT

Day 6: Endurance day. An hour hike with the dogs.

Day 7: Rest

I decided to use the AirDyne for my intervals because I absolutely suck at that infernal machine. I’m able to hit the program’s specified pace on the rower, but I’m not even in the ballpark on the AD. Like, so far out of the ballpark I wouldn’t be able to stand across the street and catch the home run a juiced-up Barry Bonds hit over the third deck and out of the stadium.

So, you know what that means: more fine Dyne-ing for me.

The good news is, I’m much better at it than when I started. I hit the same number of calories in two minutes that it took me three minutes to reach the first time around. Progress!

On another note: Mark Twight has said that no one has ever gained weight doing one of their programs, and that is certainly true for me. I lost four pounds this week, and at a time of the month when I usually gain weight.

Tami likey.

On to next week, which is all of the same workouts, except more reps and longer intervals.


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