IWT, the Second


Gym Jones Women’s Foundation I

Day 6 – IWT

The Ingredients: Double kettlebell cleans and rack holds, ball slams, Air Dyne, rowing, trap bar deadlifts. Not necessarily in that order or combination.

The recipe: IWT (Interval Weight Training)

The result: Every inch of my body – except possibly my hair – was completely spent.

I did a little more research on the IWT’s. This is the explanation of them from back when the Gym Jones site was free:

Developed by Pat O’Shea in 1969 and refined during the two following decades. A complete paper on the subject was published in the NSCA journal in 1987. Typically an IWT session involves a set of 8-12 reps of an “athletic lift” immediately chased with two minutes of free aerobic exercise @ 90-95% of capacity, followed by two minutes of rest. This is repeated for a total of three sets after which the athlete is rewarded with a 5-minute break. The first phase is repeated though the lift and the free exercise are changed. Recovery periods are the same. Phase three involves a circuit of complementary movements, often using bodyweight, with 4-12 reps and 3-10 rounds. IWT workouts may be scaled toward a particular fitness characteristic. For an endurance emphasis we increase the duration of the free exercise period to three minutes and reduce the rest period, all lifts are done with lighter loads and higher reps. To focus on power development we increase loads for the athletic lifts and reduce the reps, scale back the chasing aerobic exercise period (sometimes) and increase the rest periods to ensure “full” recovery.

As someone else pointed out, they are essentially Litinovs. Google Dan John + Litinovs and you can spend a solid afternoon sliding down that rabbit hole. I guess there is some controversy surrounding them. Some people love them, some people hate them, so-and-so talked to Litinov himself and he says he never did them, so-and-so talked to his coach and he say he did do them.

Whatever. I can tell you, for sure, with 100% accuracy, that I did them twice this week in the form of IWT workouts and I lost two pounds. Mind you, that’s nice, but this also happened smack in the middle of my period (when I usually gain 3-4 pounds) and while eating copious amounts of dark chocolate and M&M’s.

So there.


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