Gym Jones Women’s Foundation Program I

Day 3

Ingredients: Kettlebell swings and push press, Air Dyne, pushups, burpees, situps, rowing, goblet squats, and farmer’s walks. Not necessarily in that order or combination.

The recipe: IWT

IWT, IWT… I kept seeing that term sprinkled throughout this program, and I had no idea what it meant. I Will Try? I Was Tired? I Was Terrified?

Turns out IWT means Interval Weight Training. Circuits. Stuff that makes you really tired. I made it through all but one set. I found it prudent to not do the last round of the circuit involving goblet squats, as my hip flexor sent me a couple of “I don’t think so!” suggestions periodically.

I will try, I was tired, and I was terrified are all apt descriptions of my experiences with this workout. I have no problem trying or being tired. Fatigue is just fatigue. It won’t kill you or hurt you, you just keep grinding it out until the end. I am however, terrified of injuring myself again. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, though. It will keep me honest about my abilities or lack thereof, and help me honestly assess how much I can or cannot do.


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