Ending Radio Silence


The last few months have been pretty crazy around this place. Large numbers of bovines have needed to be fed and watered every day. LIttle tiny, impossibly cute bovines have needed to be picked up out of snow banks and creek bottoms where their mothers inexplicably decided to give birth to them. Chickens need to be hand fed – literally, fed out of my hand – because getting down on the floor to eat with the other evolved dinosaurs is just too hard. Eh, whatever. She’s a good listener while she’s eating, and I don’t get to town much, and I need someone to tell all my problems to. And so on, and so forth…

The Lean Eating program is going fairly well. Basically, it’s just a series of habits. Every two weeks they give us a new habit to practice (eat five servings of vegetables per day, for example.) Each habit builds on the one before. I must say, it is a highly effective method of reaching a goal. It’s much more achievable than saying “I’m going to eat ultra strict Paleo for the next 90 days,” and before three days are out you are standing in front of the pantry scarfing down chocolate chips out of the bag.

OK, maybe that’s just me.

What I’m trying to say is that taking lots of little baby steps and forming a pattern and a habit seems to me to be more effective than taking one giant leap at once.

The Lean Eating program also includes an optional workout routine (optional, but they really try to push you into doing it.) I did it for the first week, but I found it incredibly boring. Split squats, stability ball leg curls, band pull-downs, etc. Not my cup of tea.

Calving was coming up, and I needed to build some raw strength fast, so I did a Dan John 40 day program, which took me up to about the last week of March. I’ll go into detail with my results and thoughts on that in a future post.

Once calving season started all semblance of a schedule flew out the window, so I basically did some quick kettlebell complexes or swing workouts whenever I had a spare moment. Fun stuff. More on calving + kettlebells in a future post as well.

Now, with calving winding down (two heifers left – push ’em out, girls!) I’m up for a new challenge. I have been fascinated with Gym Jones for a long time, and I anted up the money to subscribe to their site. I have access to all their online training programs, articles and videos. Starting this week I am (fingers crossed) going to start their Women’s Foundation program. I’ll try to post every day what I’m doing. I won’t be able to be specific, of course. If you want one of their programs, pony up the money and subscribe.

It’s not easy to find an honest, unbiased account of an extremely average woman doing a Gym Jones program, so maybe this next month’s blog account will be of interest or use to someone.

Let the adventure begin!


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