Scott Sonnon on Overcoming Discontent

Scott Sonnon recently posted an excellent article on overcoming discontent in your life.

Last night I was with some friends and they were all talking about how they thought they were good people when they were younger, and as they grew up they realized they weren’t as wonderful as they thought. I did not take part in that conversation, because the opposite was true for me. Though I am generally a happy person, I have never, ever in my life thought of myself as a good person.

Now, I don’t want to make it sound like I am a manic depressive that is ready to eat a shotgun, because I’m not. It’s a paradox. I am pretty much always happy in day to day life, but I do not like myself.

I was puzzling over this contradiction last night and I just couldn’t figure out how this could be. Today I ran across the article Mr. Sonnon wrote, and now it makes perfect sense to me.

Overcome with continual discontent, I asked my teacher for a way to be happy. Overcoming obesity to become a champion fighter and transforming my learning disabilities to become the first university student in my family, I still could not overcome the perceived inadequacies of my self-worth.

My mentor at university had spent eight years within a monetary in Tibet under a vow of silence. In counsel he cautioned, “Mr. Sonnon, there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. But there are a wondrous myriad of ways to malcontent. How horribly lethal we have mastered those ways. If you want happiness to return to your life, then you must unlearn what stops it.”

If you’re unhappy with your nutrition, fitness or attitudes, it’s not that you must learn to have energy, exertion and excitement. Instead, we must only unlearn the congested habits which block them.

The article is a bit long, but it is quite excellent and worth a read if you are interested in changing yourself and/or making yourself better.

4 Tools to Repattern the Negative into Positive – by Scott Sonnon


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