No Fruit For You!

As I mentioned before, I signed up for Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating program this year.

Basically, it’s an online coaching program for people who want to lose body fat and lean up. I did try one of those before, and it was a disaster. Coincidentally, it also had the word “Lean” in it’s name, but it was nothing like this program.

It was my fault for not researching better, but the first program basically was a cookie cutter (no pun intended) low carb program. You weren’t even allowed to eat fruit. Well, that’s not true ā€“ you were allowed one “cheat meal” per week and that is when you were allowed to eat fruit or starchy veggies like sweet potatoes.

That might work for men, but in my opinion you have to be very careful in implementing low carb diets with women. That’s an express ticket on the thyroid disfunction train right there. In my personal experience, I lose weight faster and easier on a whole foods diet (including fruit and starchy veg) that I do on a low carb diet.

That is probably not true for everyone, but it is very true for me. I do not lose weight on a low carb diet, and I’m miserable the whole time. Strike one for the first “Lean” coaching program.

You were also supposed to have unlimited access to your coach, but I only heard from mine one time (to tell me not to eat fruit, after I entered it in my first log), despite me repeatedly asking questions. At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe they were too busy. Then after about a month I accidentally stumbled on a way to see if your coach had even looked at your logs. Mine didn’t ā€“ not once after the first food log I entered.

I thought, “Hey screw that. I’m not paying someone $65 a month to ignore me and tell me not to eat fruit or my contract will be terminated.” Strike two.

So I just quit doing it, and they never charged me again, despite my having signed on for a six month term. Guess they didn’t even care enough to bill me. Strike three, you’re out there!

I was (understandably) reluctant to enter into another coaching program, but after a frustrating year in which I got injured, got sick, got frustrated, and got fat, I decided I needed help. One day Krista Scott Dixon (aka Stumptuous) had an article about PN’s Lean Eating program and I just decided to do it. The opportunity to win $25,000 didn’t hurt, either.

So far, I’m one week in, and I love it. No cookie cutter diets, no one to threaten to terminate me if I eat a strawberry. There are daily lessons, daily habits to practice (starting with taking fish oil and a probiotic), and workout prescriptions.

Oh, and an awesome coach and an fantastic group of women to be on my “team.”

Rock on!


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