Bench Best


Row 250 meters x 3 @ 100% effort
Rest 1 minute


Row 750 meters x 3 – easy effort
Rest 1:30 minutes


A. Sumo deadlift – build to tough single
B. Close grip bench press – built to 1RM
C. 80% of part B – AMRAP single in 8 minutes
D. Kettlebell swings – 150 for time

A. worked up to 223#
B. worked up to 100#
C. 83#, 8 reps (done on the minute style)
D. 12kg – 5:41

Grip was my limiting factor today. I had to use straps on the last deadlift, then when I did the kettlebell swings I did 50 unbroken, then 25, then 10’s and 15’s because my forearms and grip were completely smoked. The actual weight of the kettlebell felt very light, but I just couldn’t hang on to it.

The bench totally surprised me. That is a PR and I have absolutely no idea where it came from. This is only my third bench workout in well over a year. So yeah, whatever. I’ll take it.

My inspiration for today was the amazing April Holmes (and also LoLo. Always LoLo):


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