Adventures In Jump-Roping

What a week.

Family and professional obligations kept me hopping every day. Most days I had an hour early morning or after 9 or 10 pm to get warmed up, workout, shower, eat, and either leave home or crash into bed. So my carefully planned workouts got smashed to smithereens and scrunched haphazardly back together.


A. Ring dips – 3 sets of 7 reps (with red band)
B. Close grip bench press @ 30X0 – 5 x 3 (63#)
C. Standing Press @ 12X1 – 6 x 3 (43#)
D. HB box squat – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (not a build to 1RM) – 53#/63#/73#/83#/93#
E. 2 Power snatch (touch & go) – every 30 seconds x 6 minutes
F. Hanging leg raises – 5 unbroken x 10 sets

Obviously, this was not supposed to be A-F, it was meant to be A/B/C on one day, and A/B/C + conditioning workout the next. But I had to get ‘er done, so I mashed it all together in one session, minus the conditioning work.


10 minutes wave load kettlebell snatches
(wave load = 8kg x 5 per arm / 10 kg x 5 per arm / 12 kg x 5 per arm – rest 10 seconds or so between sets. Repeat for 10 minutes.)
I ended up getting four sets per weight.

Rest for as long as it took to set up equipment, then:

10 minutes @ 80-90% aer pace:
row 250 meters
75 jump ropes
I got 4 rounds

My old nemesis, jump rope, returned to torment me tonight. One of my many, many, many idiosyncrasies is that I am absolutely unable to jump rope while wearing shoes. Stupid, but true. Therefore, I ended up rowing barefoot. Rowing is not really what I’d call “fun” in the traditional sense of the word, and rowing barefoot is even less “fun.” By the end it didn’t matter though, because I felt like I was just going to spontaneously combust – so I the way my feet felt was not really high on my list of priorities.

Here’s hoping next week is more sane.

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