LoLo is Watching and You Have Nothing To Lose

Yesterday as I was perusing some of my favorite websites, I came across this post from Jenna at Cold Antler Farms:

You Have Nothing To Lose

It really struck a chord with me. I think my biggest problem in life is that I’m a quitter. I quit on jobs, I quit on friendships, I quit on commitments, and most of all I quit on myself.

Some things you do need to quit. Like that job I had where I felt like I had a Bulgarian weightlifter on my shoulders every day, and one of the 75+ kilo weightlifters at that. He sweat a lot – it stank, in more ways than one. That job, I needed to quit.

I had all this in the back of my mind when I read Jenna’s post. I already quit the stinky job, I work from home on a beautiful cattle ranch so no need to dream for that. What I dream of is more simple: to not be a quitter. This is the thing that continually frustrates and confounds me about myself. I start a new workout program, or I start building something, and the going gets a little rough and I retreat immediately.

Instead of writing “don’t be a quitter” on a piece of paper and sticking it in my pocket, I found a simpler, more positive manifestation of my goal. It’s no secret that LoLo Jones is one of my heroes. Cliff Notes version of LoLo’s story: dad in and out of jail, raised by a single mother, brief periods of homelessness, budding shoplifter (at dad’s urging), discovers track, finishes high school, puts herself through college, tries out for Olympic team, doesn’t make it, tries again, makes it, leading 100 meter hurdle finals in Olympics, hits second to last hurdle and falls, loses, comes back, has spinal surgery, comes back, tears hamstring months before next Olympic trials, makes team anyway, makes 100 meter hurdle finals, finishes fourth, decides immediately to go to the next Olympics four years from now when she will be 34 years old.

Uh, not a quitter.

So I hung up a picture of LoLo in my gym. Then I decided that wasn’t enough so I hung one up where I could easily see it from my nice comfy, recliner and another in my office. Now, when I start to waver I look up and there’s LoLo, running away. She’s saying “I’m out here working my butt off. What are you doing, cream puff?”

Which is how I found myself in my gym last night at 8 pm, working my butt off.

5 sets all out:
10 power clean and push press, 53#
5 assisted chins (on rings)
row 100 meters
(walk rest 4 min between sets)

rest 10 minutes

AirDyne – 45 second incremental max effort
(15 seconds @ 90%, 15 sec @ 95%, 15 sec sprint)
rest 3:15 b/t sets x 3

I would have rather said to myself, like I always do, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” But LoLo was watching, so I couldn’t quit. Hopefully, little by little I can build on that determination and make myself into something other than a quitter.

Also: LoLo, I swear I am not a stalker.


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