Two A Day

Part 1 (AM)

Row 5:00 easy warm-up

Row 250 meters @ 100%
Rest 1 minute x 3

Row 500 meters @ 85%
Row 250 meters @ 50%
Rest 30 seconds x 3

Rest 6+ hours

Part 2: (PM)

A1. Sumo Deadlift 3/3/3/3/3 (rest 2 minutes)
A2. Ring dips – 6 reps, 5 sets (rest 2 minutes)
B1. KB swing – 35# x 10 reps
B2. Push-ups – amrap (-1) (rest 2 minutes x 5 sets)
C. Hanging leg raises 10 sets of 5; rest short b/t sets

3:02.8 / 750 meters / 2:01.8 500m avg / 28 s/m
10:48.2 / 2250 meters / 2:24.0 500m avg / 23 s/m

A1. 133# / 143 / 153 / 163 /163
A2. red band assisted
B2. avg 6 reps per set w/ red band

I’m back at it after I tweaked my hip flexor again last week. This time it was for a totally legit reason: wildlife and firearms. Let’s just say that said wildlife had sharp teeth and instead of returning my fire it decided to chase me, which required me to run while hurdling various obstacles. I ran like LoLo, y’all.

Speaking of LoLo, I’m a big fan and I’m totally bummed that she missed out on a medal this time around. However, anyone that practices one thing for six hours a day, six days a week for twelve years and never gives up is a winner in my book. So I tacked a picture of LoLo in full flight up on my gym wall for inspiration. Today when I was rowing I got into the 500/250 meter repeats and I totally wanted to give up. I fell into the rowing pain hole and I had the overwhelming desire to just climb out and never go back. I looked up at the picture and I thought, “What would LoLo do?” She wouldn’t quit, that’s what. So I didn’t either and what do you know, I didn’t die.

Thanks, LoLo!


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