Here We Go Again

This week marks a return to training for me after finally starting to get over that ugly, nasty, downright mean hip flexor injury I had. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. For reals.

OPT (aka James Fitzgerald) started posting workouts on his site geared specifically for women (“She”) and I decided to try that for a while. Yesterday was workout #1:

A1. 1 1/4 standing press @ 3021; 5-7 x 4; rest 2 min
A2. mixed grip chin ups @ 21X0; 3-4 x 4; rest 2 min
B1. DB push press @ 1010; 15-20 x 3; rest 90 sec
B2. CTB chin ups – amrap sets of 2 in 90 sec; rest 90 sec x 3
(STICK to tempo; press to nose/eye level, lower back down, then all the way up = 1 rep for 1 1/4 press)
A1. 39# (starting waaaaay light)
A2. 4 to 3 reps per set, used my legs to give me a little momentum over the bar
B1. 15# x 15 reps
B2. ring pull-ups from my knees, averaged 5 sets per 90 seconds
Today’s workout was:
A. HB Back Squat @ 40X0; 8,8,6,6,4,4; rest 2:30 b/t sets
B. Hang Squat Clean – 2 every 30 sec TnG moderate for 8 minutes – more than last week
C. GH raises – 12 x 3; rest 1 min
A. Sled drags: 2 x 75 yards (tire sled only) / 2 x 75 yards + 18# / 2 x 75 yards + 25#
B. Power cleans, 53#
C. 12 x 3 (stuck feet under freezer and did them on the floor)
In my mind I was planning to do lunges with a barbell on my back. Well, no dice on that one. So I tried Anderson squats (off pins in a squat rack). Uh, no. Also negatory for split squats and regular back squats. I think at this point it is about 50% actual pain and 50% fear of pain that is holding me back. To be honest, I’m not sure I have any business even doing squats again. Ever. I’m just not built for it and I see little point in continuing to bang my head against a brick wall when I could be working hard on something else instead. Sled drags, yoke carries and lots and lots of kettlebell swings seem like fine options to me.

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