Non-Sitters of the World, Unite!

Well, where to begin?

Beginning with my hip flexor seems like a very fine place. Not much to say except, I hurt it. I hurt it bad. My initial injury seemed to heal itself within a week or so, but apparently that was just a tap on the shoulder from the universe, warning me to cool it.

I didn’t listen, of course, and I ended up hurting it even worse. Essentially, I could not sit with my legs bent. I either had to stand up, or lay down flat on my back or stomach. This was pretty much my existence for three weeks, give or take. Luckily, I didn’t have any pressing work so I just became best friends with my recliner and sofa and dug into the huge pile of books that I’ve been meaning to read for the last ten years or so.

The pain was so bad at one point that I couldn’t walk without crutches and I pretty much just cried and tried not to throw up. I even found myself thinking “If I could only walk normally I’ll never take it for granted again.”

One thing I’ve learned through this is that America is not built for non-sitters. Before my injury I never noticed how much we sit during the day. Eat breakfast – sit; drive to work – sit; work – sit; lunch – sit; more work – sit; drive home – sit; eat supper – sit; watch TV – sit. Since I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t work at my computer (I finally rigged up a standing desk), I couldn’t go out to eat with my family, forget ranch work – I couldn’t have even climbed in the tractor if I had wanted to, and then once I got in I certainly couldn’t have sat there for eight or more hours a day.

I was screwed, basically.

I’m pretty sure I brought this injury on myself because of my over-sitting – and if that wasn’t bad enough, I was over-sitting with extremely poor posture. I knew it, I thought about it while I was doing it, but I was too lazy to address it. So, don’t be like me and don’t, for the love of all that’s holy, neglect your posture and mobility.

Today I finally felt good enough to get a workout in. I read this article on T-Nation and decided to do some kettlebell swings.

5 minutes on AirDyne, easy pace

Grab a handful of loose change. Put it in your pocket. Reach in and grab the first coin you touch, and do however many kettlebell swings the coin is worth. Then rest for however many breaths your coin was worth. (ie, one dime equals ten reps. After the last rep, put the bell down, breath in and out through your nose ten times.)

Fat Bar Shoulder Press
10 x 18# / 5 x 38# x 3 sets

Hanging Leg Raises
5 x 5

I totally forgot how wonderful it is to work up to a nice sweat. I missed it. Here’s hoping I go a long time without having to miss it again.



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