Ow, My Psoas!

Last Saturday I was dinking around in the yard, came in and sat at the computer for about 15 minutes, and when I got up I couldn’t walk. Long story short, my hip has been hurting ever since, hence the lack of workout updates.

Of course, yesterday I decided it was time I was diagnosed. So I fired up google and searched “hip pain”, because what other way is there to diagnose except on the internet. Pshaw, fancy doctors. Who needs ’em?

As it goes with internet self-diagnosis, within a few clicks I learned that I either had spinal stenosis or cancer.

Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best idea. After I cried a little bit (no, not really – ok, maybe a tiny little bit), I decided to check mobilitywod.com, because K-Star would never tell me I have cancer.

Sure enough, within a few minutes I narrowed it down to my psoas. Or as K-Star puts it, my filet mingon.

I been stretching. I been M-Woding, and I must say I was feeling much better. In fact, I felt so much better that last night I did a quick workout:

10 rounds
10 power swings
5 jerks per arm
25# kettlebell, rest as needed between rounds

2 rounds
10 hanging leg raises
30 yard farmer’s walk, 25# per hand

Then today we branded about thirty calves. It was a very bad, horrible, no good branding day. I got kicked, my toes got smashed, I got hit in the head by a steel gate, I got slammed against the fence, and my fingers got squeezed in the calf table. By the end of the day, everything but my psoas hurt.

So to sum things up, my self-diagnosing cure for psoas pain is kettlebell power swings and being brutalized by large farm animals.*

*I’m joking. Don’t be stupid. Go to one of those fancy, modern doctors if you are in pain.


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