Courtney Love is a Unique Snowflake

Sorry, but I just HAVE to share this article. Probably the best celebrity food journal ever written. Please, please be sure you read to the very last line to see what she juices with her kale.

(I really hope she is not literally juicing that with her kale, but who knows about Courtney Love.)

Also, I love her name dropping. She goes to her buddy Mario Batali’s restaurant with Michael Stipe and “some people” from U2. Some people? Like which one of the four people that make up U2 are just “some” people?

…and one last thing: Courtney Love acts? How did I miss that?

Here is the article, in all its glory:

Courtney Love Is Hooked on Chicken Potpie and Pineapple Upside-Down Cake


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