Awhile ago I was reading Melissa Joulwan’s blog and she recommended a site called Breaking Muscle. I poked around there quite a bit (it’s a very good site) and noticed many links for a “Women’s Workout.” I didn’t pay it much mind, in all honesty probably because the first thing I thought of was three pound pink dumbells and LuLuLemon yoga pants. Pshaw. I don’t need no Woman’s Workout. So I went and read through the strength and conditioning workouts instead.

After a week or so of looking through the site, I decided on a whim to click on the “Women’s Workout” banner. Probably I subconsciously wanted to giggle at the silly pink dumbells. Uh, yeah. No pink dumbells in sight (except me, that is. I’m a dumbell and sometimes I also get very pink.)

The first thing I noticed was the workouts were programmed in cycles. Score one. I loves me a cycle.

The next thing I noticed was there was lots of kettlebell stuff. Score two. I loves me a kettlebell.

The last thing I noticed before I thought “let’s do this!” was all you needed for equipment was a pair of kettlebells, a pull-up bar and maybe a box (the kind you jump on, not the kind you go work out in.) Score three. I loves me a kettlebell cycle with minimal equipment requirements that perfectly matches up with the three month challenge I just cooked up for myself last week.

Today was day one:

A1. Double Kettlebell Clean 2 x 5
A2. Double Kettlebell Press 2 x 5
A3. Push Up 2 x 10
Rest as needed between sets.

B1. Double Kettlebell Front Squat 3 x 5
B2. Jumping Squat 3 x 10
Rest as needed between sets.

C1. Renegade Row 2 x 8
C2. Double Kettlebell Swing 2 x 20
Rest as needed between sets.

When I looked at this last night I thought “That doesn’t look too hard.” Ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Right.

I misunderestimated a little bit. I did 3 reps on the press. I should have done three presses and then push pressed or jerked the last two reps. Next time. I also only did two sets of jumping squats because I could feel my hammie about to rip. I also split the double swings into four sets of ten.

The double cleans and the front squats are no problem for me at 12kg. The rest of the stuff is doable at 12kg, but would be easier at 10kg (the presses and swings, for instance.) But one of the reasons I picked 12kg instead of 10kg when I cooked this little scheme up is sometimes I take the easy way out and don’t push myself hard enough. Having to use 12kg will hopefully make me better and stronger, as long as I’m careful and smart about how I do it.


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