Satan’s Tricycle In Da House

I’ve been wanting an Airdyne for a while now. In fact, after I bought my C2 rower I kind of had buyer’s regret and wished I had gone for an Airdyne instead. I’ve been watching craigslist, but I live in South Dakota so the only thing ever listed in sporting goods are duck decoys and ice fishing shacks. Sorry, but that don’t float my boat.

Then, on a pure stroke of luck, a few weeks ago I saw a friend of mine list an Airdyne for sale on her facebook page. Get this, she only wanted $50 for it.

I know!

I snapped that baby up but quick, and threw in a free kitten to boot. I finally got it and it’s awesome. I think it was made around 1994, and it only has 136 miles on the odometer. In 1994 they apparently still made stuff out of real metal, because this thing is built like a tank. She told me it skipped a little, but I took it for a ride today and as far as I can tell it’s in mint condition. Her mom told me that the thing has made the rounds of all the family members and nobody wanted it. Well, lucky me!

I did 5 minutes of 30 seconds all out / 30 seconds rest. The verdict: worse than the rower. Much, much worse. The rower is bad. My cousin is on the crew team at a D1 college, and over Christmas break one of her friends told her something like “it doesn’t look that hard.” So she challenged him to beat her 2k time on the erg. He asked her what body parts he should warm up and she replied “Well, when I row the ends of my hair hurt. Does that help?” Long story short, he got to 1k and quit. He may have even cried a little.

I can do a 2k on the rower. I can even do a 5k on the rower. But no way would I ever want to do that much on the Airdyne. With the rower, you have that split second of rest after the end of the stroke to recover. With the Airdyne, there is no recovery. Everything works all the time, and the harder you go the more resistance there is from the fan.

I had originally planned on doing 10 minutes of 30/30 intervals, but after five minutes I decided to get off and walk around and I discovered that I couldn’t feel my legs any more.

As OPT says, this thing is a potent piece of metal.

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