In the morning:

2-ish mile walk with the dog, working on heeling and walking on the leash. Followed by an extended stick throwing session at the pond.

In the evening:

Five rounds of:
50 yard farmer’s walk, 2 cinder blocks
50 yard sled drag, tire + rim

Last weekend I happened to catch a marathon of Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer show on TV. I was fascinated, and conveniently, I have a one year old rambunctious border collie in dire need of discipline. Naturally, I immediately switched off the TV and let her in the house and started practicing. Her crate (which she hates) is in the entry way of the house, and after about five minutes of me practicing sit, stay and similar things with her, she just walked over, crawled in her crate and refused to come out. In dog, I think that means “I hate the fracking Dog Whisperer.”

The next thing I started working on was walking on a leash and heeling. I had tried teaching this to her before, without success. I tried Cesar’s techniques, and after two ten minute sessions she was doing it perfectly. Today we walked almost two miles and she heeled the whole way perfectly. Amazing.

Now, if Cesar would only tell me how to get her to come.

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