Good Reads

Here are links to some articles that I enjoyed reading this week. Enjoy!

Training Clarity: One Goal at a Time – by Dan John

How Do I Train? – by Jim Wendler

How Do I Train? Part Two – Lifting – by Jim Wendler

Making Weight – by Rachel Cosgrove

The Two Pains of Zach Even-Esh – by Patrick Cummings

The Champion of the Clean – by Dan John

Why Emotional Dieting Leads To Never-Ending Dieting – by Leigh Peel

Goblet Squats 101 – by Dan John

and, my absolute favortiest one of all:

The Secret of Loaded Carries – by Dan John

Loaded carries + sled drags is my all time favorite workout. Load up a sled, set up two dumbells, kettlebells or weight plates, and mark out a course (ie, 50 yards.) Pick up the farmer’s walk implements and carry them to the end of your course. Walk, jog or sprint back to the sled and drag it to the end of the course. That is one round. Repeat as desired (I like four or six rounds. When that’s too easy, add weight.) Do that one to three times per week, or a variation thereof, and you will not believe the gains you will make. If you’re not buying it, do the drag/carry medley for a month and then go attempt a feat of strength that was previously difficult for you. For me it was moving ten foot long steel portable corral panels. It was a “what the… when did that get easy?” moment.



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