Fat Bar Blues

I don’t really have the fat bar blues, I just started typing a title and that sounded pretty good. There’s a twelve bar blues in music, so why can’t there be a fat bar blues? Also, wouldn’t that be a great band name? “In concert tonight, Fat Bar Blues! With special guests The Power Snatches!”

One additional fat bar thought: the other day I went to Google and typed in “fat bar.” I had a brief moment of panic the split second I hit search. That’s the type of ill advised term that will bring up the sorts of things that will scar you for life. Luckily, more people seem to be interested in fat bars for weightlifting that they are for, uh… other things.

Moving on. This workout was scheduled for Tuesday, and as I check my calendar I can’t help but notice that it is not Tuesday. Nor is it Wednesday. Tuesday was filled with what ranchers call “wrecks.” It started in the morning with a broken bearing in an ATV and culminated at 9:00 pm with blood, mud and darkness.

I don’t remember what happened yesterday. Stuff that wasn’t lifting, apparently. At a quarter to nine tonight I decided “screw it, I’m just gonna go start lifting stuff.”

Turkish Get-Up
7 reps per side, 8kg

Fat Bar Deadlift – Sumo
3 x 86# / 5 x 116# / 5 x 136#

1A. Power Snatch x 3 (53#)
1B. Pull-ups x 3

KB Swings
5 x 10, 10kg

And now I feel much better about life in general.


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