Mega Training Update

We’re still calving here at the el rancho, so I’m still not sleeping much. I did, however, have time to clean out the basement gym and build myself a squat rack (pictured above, obviously.) It’s made out of 4×4’s, 2×4’s, and 2×6’s. I used scrap sucker rod for the pins and I built myself some j-cups out of scrap metal (not pictured.) And the cherry on top is the X-43M Multi Grip Crossmember from Rogue Fitness. I probably could have built that myself too, but why bother when Rogue will build it for me?

The last week I’ve been doing quite a few kettlebell workouts:

Snatch, 8kg
15 seconds on/15 seconds rest
Alternating arms, for 12 mintues

Snatch Ladder
8kg x 7 reps per arm
10 kg x 5 reps per arm
12 kg x 3 reps per arm
14 kg x 1 rep per arm
5 rounds

Also, lots of swings, bottoms up presses, and strict presses. Yesterday I hit a 14kg press with my left arm, which is a PR for me. Yay!

Yesterday I didn’t have anything planned, so I did a Fitocracy Quest/Challenge workout. In other words, the only reason I did most of this stuff was so I could win some little badges (and a few points) on Fitocracy. Eh, I’m easy that way.

10kg KB swings – 5 x 10

8 kg KB snatch – 10 per arm

KB Press
8kg x 5/arm
10 kg x 5/arm
12 kg x 3/arm
14kg x 1/arm (PR on left side)

Dumbell Press
20# x 5/arm
25# x 3/arm
30# x 1/arm (won me the Hands Up High badge on Fitocracy)

Barbell Bench Press
5 x 33# / 5 x 53# / 3 x 73# / 3 x 83# / 3 x 88# / 1 x 93# / 1 x 98# (won me the Push It Bench Press badge, the Bench Press quest, also possibly a PR)

Pendlay Row
5 x 5 – 63# (achieved the Learn the Pendlay Row Fitocracy quest)

Regular x 3
Chins x 3
Neutral Grip x 3
Wide Grip x 3
(all assisted with small jump for momentum)
(achieved the Pull Yourself Up Fitocracy quest)

Farmer’s Carry
5 x 300 feet, 25#/arm

Bottoms Up KB presses
8kg, 10kg, 12 kg

I would highly recommend checking out Fitocracy, it’s lots of fun. If you need an invite let me know, I have a few to hand out.

On a non-fitness related note, I recently read a great book called Killing Bono. I LOVE U2, so I’m a little biased, but I thought it was a really sweet and beautiful book. Five stars, baby. Check it out if you are looking for something to read.

I went through a teensy, weensy U2 phase when I was in college – having read Unforgettable Fire and become obsessed in the way an art major gets obsessed with these kinds of things. (We won’t talk about the concurrent George Michael phase, ahem.) Anyway, reading the Killing Bono book brought it all back and now I’ve been obsessively listening to my old U2 albums for the last week, especially in the gym.

For your listening pleasure here are three great U2 songs.

#1 “One” with Mary J. Blige (I also had her My Life album on repeat in college.) The divine Ms. Blige plus U2? Yes, please!

#2 “I Will Follow” live at the Brooklyn Bridge (one of their earliest and best songs)

#3 “Stuck In A Moment” live on Letterman. Fantastico.


3 thoughts on “Mega Training Update

  1. That is a beautiful Cage! Good Work Tami~ hope calving is treating you well and that you don’t let yourself get to run down 🙂

  2. Well eating was the 1st thing that went when I got heavy into calving time. Although for me it was lack of eating, not really eating bad things – just not eating.
    Soon it will be over and you will get your butt back on the food track! Keep your head up & don’t push that body to hard.

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