Adventures In Squatting

To squat, or not to squat. That is the question.

I keep thinking that I should squat. I keep thinking that I can squat. I forget that I have zero ankle mobility. I forget that my calves have less stretch than a pair of hipster skinny jeans. So when I get a case of the squat amnesia, I do ill-advised things like attempting to back squat 80% of my body weight to get a stupid badge on Fitocracy.

Long story short, yes, I got the badge. No, I did not injure myself. Yes, I did remember all the reasons why I should not ever again attempt to do back squats. So if you bump into me on the street and I start talking about back squatting, just pretend you are Gibbs and I am Dinozo and give me a good old whack on the back of my head. Please.

Well, that was Saturday, and after the bone headed back squatting debacle I experimented with some light front squats. Verdict: if I am really and truly careful and do specific mobility work, I think that front, zercher and goblet squats are quite within the realm of possibility.

So today I did:

Hill sprints
6 x 60 yards

Front squat ā€“ 3 x 5

Fat Bar Press ā€“ 3 x 5

5 sandbag zercher cleans
5 sandbag push press
5 sandbag front squats
5 rounds, 30 seconds rest between rounds

Cool down
KB swings ā€“ 5 x 10 (10kg)


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