Prowling and Growling

Prowler – 8 x 40 yards

Farmer’s Carry – 5 x 100 yards
25# per hand

Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press
11 x 8kg
4 x 10kg

Box Jumps
14 x 14″ (done throughout the day)

Just another day, just another prowl. The dog, not surprisingly, loves Prowling too. When I head to the backyard she gets so excited she can hardly stand upright. She waits until I get going a few yards and then runs behind me and nips at my calves while I’m pushing. There’s not a thing I can do about it, and I’m sure to her border collie brain I resemble nothing more than a great ponderous beast that she is bred to herd. I know I feel like a great ponderous beast, at any rate.

The bottoms up kettlebell presses are a blast. It’s one of those things that looks easy, but then you try and you think “%#$* me! People actually do this?” Check out this guy doing a 64kg bottoms up press. That’s just crazy talk!

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