New Kicks

Got some new kicks in the mail today. They are New Balance Minimus WT20SB. I ordered them because they were on sale on New Balance’s website, and I’ve been circling like a vulture waiting for the price to come down. The only thing that’s held me back so far are the fu-uu-ugly colors. Seriously shoe makers, why do women’s athletic shoes have to come in nothing but various shades of pink, lavender and teal? Gag me with a spoon.

So when I spotted the beautiful black models above (on sale! a bargain!) I was all over it. When they arrived today I discovered that these are the waterproof winter models. I’ve heard that these existed but never been able to find them. So basically, I ordered just what I’ve always wanted completely by accident.

That’s me, stumbling into providence.

I wore them tonight for my workout and I love them. Super light and low to the ground – and on sale!

Prowler – 8 x 40 yards
75# total

Turkish Get-Ups
5 minutes continuous work (7 reps per side)

Push Jerk – 68#
2 reps on the minute, 1o minutes

Press – 5 x 10
1 set at 43# (too heavy), 4 sets at 38# (better)

One Arm Dumbell Rows – 5 x 10

Band Pull-Aparts
5 x 20

Box Jumps
14 reps, done one at a time between sets
(the Minimus shoes totally rock for box jumps)

2 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. Thanks for the link. I tried them on in one of those horrid colors and was also just waiting for a sale. 🙂 Seriously with the pink and lavender; it’s not just shoes. I stopped in Sports Authority today to buy some spring workout clothes and every shirt, short, etc is pink, purple…gag, gag.

    • Yep, and when they come out with a new style and in amongst the pastels is a gray or black or red version it always sells out first. Hello! You’d think they would figure it out.

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