No Cow, No Prowl

Press – 5/5/5
46# / 53# / 60#

Double KB Floor Press – 5 x 10
8kg per arm

Assisted Ring Pull-Ups
2 x 10

Ring Rows
5 x 10

Band Pull-Aparts
5 x 20

Box Jumps
14 reps, done one at a time between sets

No time for prowling today. Wanna know why? Even if your answer is no, I’m going to tell you. Because I spent all day waiting for some doofus to show up to collect his stray cow. This is the second time since November that he’s promised to come get the annoying old rip. She’s a stringy old longhorn cow that absolutely will not stay in any pen. She eats all the expensive feed we buy for our cows, rips holes in the fences, drinks piped in rural water that we pay for, tears apart all our haystacks and generally makes herself a pain in the rear.

So the dude called – again – to say he’d be here today to pick her up. We waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. Dude didn’t show up. Shocker! By the time I got around to working out it was too dark to prowl (there are no streetlights in the country.)

I’ve got nothing against the cow. She’s just being a cow. When she showed up her ribs were sticking out and now she’s fat and sassy thanks to almost five months of expensive feed, hay and water. I’m ticked at the dude that promised to come, repeatedly, and doesn’t even bother to call and say he won’t make it. Classy.

Speaking of classy (or lack thereof, depending your perspective) I was so annoyed that I called him out on facebook tonight, for which “the boss” chewed my butt. Know how sorry I am? Zero sorry. (I now owe Feminist Fit Girl $10, Canadian). Also, link is not WFS.


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