And She Jerked, and It Was Good

Turkish Get-Ups
6x per arm – 8kg

Push Jerk
2 reps on the minute, 10 minutes

Press – 5 x 10

One Arm Dumbell Rows

Band Pull-Aparts
5 x 20

Prowler – 8 x 40 yards
prowler + 50# (75# total)

Today I was due for  3 x 5 push press. I warmed up with the bar and then 53#, and I decided “screw this, I’m going to do push jerks.” I like push presses, but I LOVE push jerks. It’s my second favorite lift ever in the history of the universe, right behind deadlifts. I also decided to do the reps on the minute thing, which I also love. I’ve done oly lifts 5/3/1 style, and it just doesn’t work. Well, let me rephrase: it does work, if by work I mean my lifts went down. 3 x 5 power cleans are one thing, but 3 x 5 jerks is (are?) another animal altogether.

Another reason I decided to do jerks (other than the fact that I’m completely in love with them – have I mentioned that?) was this article by Charles Poliquin. What can I say? I’m easily swayed.

I was also due for prowler pushes today, which I was looking forward to slightly more than a root canal. Once I started going, though, I actually had fun. Definitely less miserable than a root canal. I added two trips this week and I felt stronger than the last cycle. Next cycle I should be able to hit the 10 trip magic number and start adding weight after that.


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