Training Update


Box Squat – 5/3/1
76# / 86# / 96#

Deadlift – 5 x 10

Hanging Leg Raise – 5 x 10

Push Press – 5/3/1
56# / 63# / 71#

Press – 5 x 10

One Arm KB Rows – 5 x 10


2 x 60 yards – 50# + prowler
4 x 40 yards – 50# + prowler


Deadlift – 5/3/1
153# / 173# / 193#

Box Squat – 5 x 10

Barbell Rollouts – 5 x 10

I missed training on Monday due to a family obligation, so I had to scrunch Monday and Tuesday together again. Not a problem, just takes a long time.

On Wednesday I put together yet another DIY Prowler type-thingy (pictured above.) Basically, it is a $13 plastic children’s sled with a wooden 2×6 frame attached to the inside with lag screws. Pretty simple and cheap. The whole thing costs around $25 to make. My main problem with my prowlers has been having someplace to push them. My backyard is, literally, a cow pasture – and the only other halfway suitable prowling place is a gravel road. The road chewed up the skis on my first prowler like crazy, and once the frost thawed in the back yard the other prowler tore huge gouges out of the grass.

This latest version that I put together seems to work the best out of all of them. I have no idea how much weight you could put in it. It is plastic, after all. I thought it would push easier because the plastic would have less friction with the ground, but it seems to be the other way around. I know nothing about friction and mass and all that science stuff, so perhaps the increased surface area increases the friction despite the slicker surface. If you are a smart physics type person feel free to shout out the answer.

All I know is, after I pushed it six times I wanted to go lie down in a cool, dark place and cry a little bit. I think that means it works pretty darn well.



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