I Blew a Ski and Went In the Ditch

Monday I had a jam-packed day and didn’t have time to work out. Which meant that both my Monday and Tuesday workouts had to be scrunched into one day on Tuesday.


Box Squat – 3/3/3
71# / 81# / 91#

Deadlift – 5 x 10

Hanging Leg Raise
5 x 10

Push Press – 3/3/3
53# / 60# / 67#

Press – 5 x 10

One Arm KB Row – 5 x 10

Walk 2.25 miles



Shoulder Press – 3/3/3
48# / 55# / 62#

Push Press
1 x 10 – 33#

Double KB Floor Press – 5 x 10

Recline Ring Rows
5 x 10

Prowler Push – 5 x 40 yards

I planned for more Prowler pushes, but I ran into technical difficulties. That is, one of my wooden skis split in half and fell off. Bugger!

The other prowler I built also has difficulties. It works fine unweighted, but throw some plates on there and the thin metal tracks tear the heck out of my yard, and that is not cool. We have enough trouble growing things around here as it is, without me ripping it apart intentionally.

Fortunately, I do have a plan C when it comes to prowling. I need to procure more supplies, but I’m pretty sure it will work. Stay tuned.

There is also a plan D and possibly a plan E before I get to plan F, which is buying an actual Prowler.


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