Kicking My Own Ass

Do you ever feel like kicking your own ass? I do, frequently, and particularly today. Like good old Paul from the Bible, I don’t do the things I want to do and do the things I don’t want to do. Know what I’m sayin?

It’s nothing major. Just a minor bump in the road, and easily correctable. But all day I wanted to say to myself “Dude! What are you doing?” and then punch myself in the face. Do you ever talk to yourself and call yourself dude? No? That’s just me, then?

Thankfully, I managed to restrain myself from slamming my face in the toilet seat. Think of the germs!

I did feel better after I worked out tonight. That went like this:

Kettlebell Cleans
10 minutes technique practice
10 & 12 kg

Deadlift – 5/5/5
133# / 153# / 173#

Box Squat – 5 x 10

Barbell rollouts – 3 x 10
w/red band

Walk 2 miles

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