Prowling for an Endo

Push Press – 5/5/5
49# / 56# / 63#

Press – 5 x 10

Single Arm Rows – 5 x 10/arm

6 x 40 yards (no weight)

Second day on the Boring But Big template. I love it – simple, yet brutal. Classic Wendler.

The prowler pictured above is, of course, homemade out of junk I found rusting around the ranch. The triangle part is an old bed frame that I cut up and welded into an approximate Prowler-like shape. The rest is made up of scraps of pipe and bits of steel. The skis are wooden 2×6’s cut at a 45 degree angle and smoothed down with a band sander. They work pretty well, except I don’t have anywhere but the gravel to push this Frankenstein-ish piece of equipment and they are getting chewed up pretty fast. Plan B may be in order.

I was running when I did these pushes, but with extreme caution. That is because when I first built this thing I decided it would be an excellent idea to take off pushing it down the driveway at full speed. I hit a bump, because a gravel driveway way out in the country tends to be bumpy, and I did a complete endo. In other words, I went right over the handlebars – head first. It hurt. It hurt a lot. So for my pushes today I ran fast, but not too fast.


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