Pert’ Near Healed


Press – 5/3/1+
51# / 58# / 64# (6 reps)

Push Press – Find 1RM
63# x 1 / 73# x 1 / 83# x 1 / 93# x 1 (fail)


Hang Power Clean
33# x 5 / 53# x 5 / 63# x 5 / 73# x 3

Deadlift – 5/3/1+
167# / 190# / 213# (3 reps)

Just getting my minimum work in until I heal up a bit. Next week is a deload week, then I’m looking forward to plugging my numbers into my spreadsheet and geeking the heck out with filling in all the little boxes and numbers. Ah, I love a good plan.

I’m fairly certain that the 3 x 213# deadlift is a PR. I had a few more in the tank, but with that whole “don’t injure yourself further” thing in the back of my mind I stopped. Same for the power cleans. I planned on a lot more, but they hurt my shoulder (which is pert’ near healed) so I stopped.

Two more days until my Whole30 is finished, and I’m feeling pretty groovy. Tomorrow will be a big challenge, though – it’s potluck day at church. Believe you me, no one does a potluck like a bunch of Lutherans. Fingers crossed I make it out of that church basement pure.



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