Like It Never Happened

Last week was a good week in some ways, and a bad week in a whole lotta ways. Good – my Whole30 is going swimmingly well and I’m feeling great. Bad – I inexplicably injured my shoulder in my sleep, had hormone poisoning, got a little bit of flu, and had work coming out the wazoo. As a result of the bad stuff, I only got one workout in. Thanks to my new, mellow, whole foods induced attitude I just gave up and pretended like that week didn’t happen.

Speaking of hormone poisoning, a friend of mine’s husband suggested to her once that this whole period/PMS thing was greatly exaggerated by women. She then very kindly suggested that he hemorrhage blood for four days and then get back to her on how he felt. Looking back, that statement probably was an unwise one to pose to any PMS’ing woman, but this particular friend had a reputation for taking no prisoners. I worked with her and once witnessed her being requested to do a particularly difficult task in a ridiculous amount of time by a superior. In the sweetest voice she chirped “Sure! I’ll just pull that right out of my ass!” She didn’t work there long, but boy did I enjoy it while she did.

But I digress. Tonight’s workout:

Jump rope
Foam roll

Box Squats – 3/3/3+
69# /79# / 89# (5 reps)

Zercher Squats – 5 x 5

Glute-Ham raises (assisted)
2 x 8

I also played around with some staggered stance “B” squats. They feel great doing kettlebell goblet squats or air squats, but terrible doing back squats. I get all crooked and discombobulated when I put a bar on my back.



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