Halfway to a Whole30

Well, today is January 15, which means it must be the halfway point of the Whole 30. I thought I would just give a quick little update.

Day 2 – I had a killer headache, which always happens when I come down off my grains/sugar binges. I ate a bowl of sweet potatoes and it went away and hasn’t come back.

Day 3 – My sinuses – which have been clogged up since April – opened up. I’ve had sinus problems since I was a kid, and I usually wear a Breathe Right to bed so I can sleep. I haven’t used one since January 3, and I’m sleeping like a log.

I’m having beautiful, deep, dark restful sleep every night. Usually 8-10 hours worth. It’s awesome.

My skin is as clearer than it has been since junior high. I’ve had awful, horrible skin since high school. I’ve tried every skin product out there and it’s never worked. A few more weeks of this and it looks as though my chronic acne will be completely gone.

My clothes are looser. No weighing allowed, so I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, but enough that my clothes are fitting differently.

I’m happy. Before I started the Whole30 I was teetering on the edge of some severe depression. I fought with that once before when I was in college, and I could see the signs of a recurrence. It disappeared the first few days and shows no signs of coming back. Thank God for that.

This is my third Whole30 and the things I’ve listed above are all very good, but the best part about this one is I don’t ever want to stop. My other two Whole30’s my attitude was “I can’t eat that.” This time around it’s “I don’t want to eat that.” I know I can be a pain to hang out with, since I either won’t eat the restaurant food or “snacks” at social functions, or embarrass everyone by packing my own chow around with me. But you know what? – the being able to breathe thing alone makes it all worthwhile to me. I’ve been plagued by sinus problems since I was a kid, and believe me, not being able to breathe sucks. I’ve even been on medication for it, and now fifteen simple days of eating whole foods and it’s gone. Add the disappearing depression, complete lack of PMS symptoms, awesome sleep, clearer skin, and weight loss to the equation and I don’t know why I’d ever want to change.

Granted, it’s only been fifteen days, and some of those things might come back. But I’m more than willing to put it all on this way of eating and let it ride.


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