Kettlebell Press Ladder

Kettlebell Press Ladder

(All presses of the strict military variety)

4 right/4 left – 8kg
3 right/3 left – 10kg
2 right/2 left – 12kg
1 right/1 left – 14kg

Repeat five times

KB windmills
4 x 5 per side

I ordered myself some more kettlebells from Perform Better because they had free shipping and it’s the only place you can get the in-between weights (i.e. 10kg, 14kg, etc.) The quality is less than stellar (lots of painted over tape) but it is what it is. The price is right and they work for my purposes.

I decided to put them to use last night as part of a press ladder. I would do both arms for one weight, take a few breaths, and then do the next weight until the last bell. It was a fantastic press workout, and I also racked up (har) quite a few cleans in the course of the workout. I had to push press a little bit to get the 14 kg up on the left side, but the right went up fairly easy.

I hurt my right shoulder somehow last week. It was fine when I went to sleep, and when I woke up it hurt like heck. Apparently I had a really bad nightmare or something, because I have no idea how I else I hurt it. I did this workout mostly to test it out, and it actually feels better today than it did yesterday. So, +1 for kettlebells.


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