Oh Great, Just One More Thing For Me To Be Afraid Of

“Oh great, one more thing for me to be afraid of.”

That’s what my 10 year old city slicker cousin said to me after I took him fishing and he discovered that fish, moss, water and mud all terrified him. Then a grasshopper flew though the open pickup window and landed on him and he had one more thing to add to his list.

But, that phrase is what often comes to mind these days when I compulsively peruse my list of food, exercise and health related websites. Supermarket chicken has arsenic in it, bread (as if the gluten isn’t bad enough) has an ingredient derived from human hair harvested in China, and now olive oil may not really be olive oil.

Oh great, just one more thing for me to be afraid of.

I care about my health, I really do. I’m an independent kind of girl, so taking care of myself so I won’t be dependent on anyone else as I age is important to me. But how much can I possibly worry about? I know there’s a whole book out there about the olive oil issue, but I’ve been purposefully not reading it. Frankly, I don’t know if I want to know.

I think you can disappear down the rabbit hole of perfection on these kinds of issues. I was talking to some friends recently and they were all going on and on about their new stainless steel skillets, because Teflon was deadly. (What is it with the Teflon all of a sudden, did Dr. Oz do a show on it or something?) Then they looked at me like “Did you know this shocking thing?”

Oh, dear friends, you have just scratched the surface. You do not want to know what I know. Tell me something – anything – you put in your body and I can tell you how it’s going to kill you.

Use Teflon skillets – you’re going to die.
Use plastic food storage containers – you’re going to die.
Eat soybean oil in salad dressing – you’re going to die.
Use fabric softener – you’re going to die.
Consume pesticide-ridden kale – you’re going to die.
Eat Oreos – you are definitely going to die.

To quote Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson from The Closer “I don’t want to think about it. I DO NOT WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT!”

I’m not saying you shouldn’t worry about those things. If you have the time, money and ability to eat a perfect diet, then I say good for you and go for it. As for me, I’m going to happily consume the two giant jars of olive oil of exactly the same kind of brand that have been proven to be less than extra virgin, and I’m not going to think about it. I’m going to do the best I can. I’m going to use glass instead of plastic when I’m able, I’m going to eat supermarket chicken, and I’m going to eat non-organic kale.

Because you know what? It’s the best I can do and it’s a whole lot better for me than pizza, ice cream and Zingers, which is what I would be eating instead.

That stuff will kill you, yo.


2 thoughts on “Oh Great, Just One More Thing For Me To Be Afraid Of

  1. zingers are supposed to be good & there was that guy that did a twinkie diet and lost sooooo much weight.. I mean come on everyone else eats what they want, if it was bad for you the Government would say something right.???

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