Give Me (Clean) Broth or Give Me Death!

I would say, far and away, one of the most frustrating things about doing a Whole30 is finding clean chicken broth. By “clean” of course, I mean crap-free. If I ever want to get myself truly worked up, I head to the soup aisle of my local WalMart or grocery store and start reading the ingredient lists on the broth. Oh, it starts out fine and dandy, but by the time I get to the yeast extract I start to boil. Then I pick up a different brand and start over. I think “Maybe this one will be different,” and for just an instant I let myself hope. No! There it is again, yeast extract (or some other similar crap-tastic ingredient.) By the time I get through all the brands of broth and base I’m downright apoplectic.

Of course, this usually occurs in WalMart, so no one notices because everyone in WalMart is either apoplectic already or one of the people that is making everyone else apoplectic.

Notice I said this “usually” occurs in WalMart. Yes, I do this every time I hunt and forage for clean foods at WalMart. Call me crazy, but I always hold a kernel of faith that someday the big broth companies will decide they don’t need to put yeast and gluten into a product that is basically FREAKING MEAT AND WATER. Until then you may see me in the soup aisle, holding a can of Swanson’s and screaming “Whyyyyyyyy?”

But wait, dear readers, there may be a glimmer of light at the end of the soup-can tunnel. I found a fantastic looking recipe for Perpetual Bone Broth on the internet.

Like everything else in life, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So as soon as my homemade jerky is finished curing today, I might just break out the slow cooker and give this a try.

Until then, I say to Swansons: take that yeast extract and stick it where the sun don’t shine.


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