Shorts and Flip-Flops, Y’all

The video really has nothing to do with anything to do with me – but I liked it and it made me want to go surfing, even though I can’t swim and I can’t surf. Tami surfing bad idea.

It was incredibly warm here today (56 degrees) so I celebrated by doing laundry and hanging it on the clothesline. Wooo, par-tay! Us South Dakotans are wild and cu-razy people! I also could not resist swapping out my squat workout in the cold, dark basement for a nice long hike with the puppy in the warm sunshine. This is shorts and flip-flop weather in the old SD, y’all.

It brings to mind a tale I heard a while back. A man from California moved to South Dakota. During his first winter he struck up a conversation with a long-time native of the area. “It’s sure cold here. What do you do when it gets down to zero degrees?” The Dakotan replied “We put a coat on.” The Californian said “Well, what do you do when it gets below zero?” The Dakotan stared at him for a moment and then said “We zip it up.”


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