Row 500 m
band pull aparts 5 x 25
foam roll

Press – 5/5/5+
44# / 51# / 57# (5 reps)

Hand to hand kettlebell swings
50 reps, as few sets as possible
1 x 30 / 1 x 20 (12kg)

Double kettlebell push press
30 seconds work/30 seconds rest x 6 minutes

Hand to hand kettlebell swings
100 reps, as few sets as possible
20 / 20 / 20 / 40 (12 kg)

Day four of the Whole30 and I’m feeling really great. I have plenty of energy, my sugar-crackhead withdrawal headache is gone, my clothes are already looser, and my sinuses that have been clogged since July miraculously opened up yesterday. All that in four days.

Huh, maybe there is something to this healthy eating thing, after all.

The only time today when I felt less than awesome was during the barbell presses. Probably because I did lots of manual labor on the ranch today, including the dreaded (by me, anyway) post tamping. Setting and tamping posts is my least favorite ranch job of all time. I’d rather shovel manure than tamp posts, so that should tell you something.

OK, maybe I’d rather tamp posts than work with pigs – but that’s it and only because I consider pigs to be the spawn of Satan. Horrible, nasty, mean animals whose only redeeming feature is the fact that you can make bacon out of them.

Today’s Food:
Eggs/peppers/hamburger, 1/2 apple
Chocolate chili, sweet potatoes
Few almonds
Chicken and peppers sautéed in ghee and coconut oil with guacamole (yum!)


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