The Spud is My Bud

Box Squat – 5/3/1+
73# / 80# / 90# (10 reps, submax, belt)

I put my new Spud, Inc. Bench Belt to use tonight on the last set. I love it and highly recommend it. My only complaint: they don’t make a size small. The medium fits me now, but I have 50 pounds to lose and I’m afraid I’m going to undergrow it. That will be a lovely problem to have and I’ll take that any day, but since I’m a worry wart I’m already fretting about losing my new found favorite belt.

The problem I have with all other kinds of weight belts is that I’m very vertically challenged (5’2″) and I have a really short torso. The typical wide weight belts end up halfway up my ribcage, and let me tell you that’s just plain uncomfortable. The Spud bench belt is much narrower and softer and fits me just right.

I tried out several different accessory exercises after the squats and my back immediately tightened up. I asked myself “Are you stupid or something?” I got an answer I didn’t particularly like, and called it a night. Three marathon days of ranch work, power tool usage and various manual labor have left me a little sore and rest seems the prudent thing.


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