Turkish Butt-Kickers

Press – 3/3/3+
45# / 52# / 58# (8 reps)

Three rounds of:
Double kettlebell jerks x 10
Turkish Get-Ups x 5/side
Kettlebell snatch x 10/side

I swear, the Turkish get-ups should be renamed the Turkish butt-kickers, ’cause they kick my butt every time. I plan a workout or warm up with them and I think “Tra la-la-la-la. Turkish get-ups, those are lovely and easy.” Then I start doing them and I’m suddenly drenched in sweat, quivering and wimpering.

Also, I possibly did many more snatches than I needed to because I am the world’s worst counter. Anything over three reps and my mind starts to wander. Then I come to and realize I have no idea if I’ve just done rep five or if I’ve actually done rep three or eight and my subconscious mind (the only one even kinda paying attention) decided to randomly pick the number five out of the air, just to mess with me.

I know, I need help.


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