False Start

Jump rope
foam roll
KB swings, 12kg, 5 x 10

Box Squat – 3/3/3+
66# / 76# / 85# (6 reps, submax)

Squat Lockouts – 3 x 5

Walking lunges – 3 x 10
2-8kg kb, rack position

I had several false starts today. First, I either slept through my alarm or forgot to set it, because I didn’t wake up until almost 9:00. Yikes! The cats were not very happy about having their breakfast delayed. Good thing they aren’t house cats or they may have just started to eat me.

Then later in the afternoon I started to do the workout I had planned for this morning and got as far as the warmup and got interrupted. Bugger!

Finally, I threw some pork chops in the sous vide and headed to the basement to throw some iron around.

And now I’m happy, and will be even happier after I consume my lovely pork chop. To all a good night.


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