Rackin’ Frackin’ Filliburtin’ Barkin’

Double Kettlebell Swing – 5 x 5
8kg (way, way, too light)

Power Clean
2 reps on the minute for 10 minutes

Deadlift – 5/5/5+
143# / 164# / 186# (10 reps – straps + belt)

Hip Thrusts – 3 x 5

I’ve been kinda cranky lately. Just an accumulation of small frustrations, things going wrong, other people irritating me, and me irritating myself. I even have it on video:

You might think that’s Yosemite Sam, but it’s really me, caught on secret camera this week.

The climax came this afternoon when I was grinding out my max set of deadlifts. I was wearing the belt pictured above, which I bought at Scheels and which seemed to work just fine in the store. In actual practice, however, it’s a piece of junk. Dang thing started to come loose while I was in the middle of the set and I did my best “rackin’ frackin’ filliburtin’ barkin'” rant while still churning out reps. Then I ripped the stupid belt the rest of the way off, threw it on the floor, jumped up and down on it and said “whack frap slap carrabat racka lap smack!”

Then I came upstairs, logged on to elitefts.com and ordered a Spud Inc. Bench Belt. Like I need an excuse to shop anyway.

And while I’m already cranky and ranting, what’s up with Scheels? Do they purposely lay out their stores so that you get hopelessly lost and disoriented the moment you step through the door? I swear, I need a compass, a sextant and a St. Bernard with a flask around its neck to just navigate the place. Maybe it’s on purpose, so you have to pick up some outrageously overpriced merchandise and say to a sales associate “If I buy this, will you let me out?”

Whoo, okay. Deep breath out. I feel better now.


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