Ninjas Like Curls

Press – 5/5/5+
42#/49#/55# (8 reps)

Band Pull-Aparts
5 x 25

BB Curl
5 x 5 – 35#

1A) BB Rows – 5 x 5 – 55#
1B) Single Arm KB press – 5 x 2/arm – 8kg

Farmer’s Walk
5 x 50 yards

Fiddling around with assistance work today. As this was International Ninja Day, I will quote Bruce Lee and say “Keep what is useful, discard what is not.” Or something like that. Sorry Bruce.

What I liked: the band pull-aparts, the farmer’s walks, the kettlebell presses. I even kinda like the curls. I know they get a bad rap, but I’ve found bicep strength useful when trying to escape arm bars in judo – particularly when applied by ninjas.

What I didn’t like: the rows. They make my back hurt. Buh-bye, rows.

Good news – I have acquired the lumber necessary to build my own squat rack. Now all I have to do is drill a gazillion holes and screw it all together and I’m in business, baby!


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