And So It Begins

Box Squat – 5/5/5+
61# / 71# / 80# (5)

Good Mornings – 3 x 5

Zercher Squats – 3 x 5

Not to sound too dramatic or anything, but today begins the journey to a better me.

Okay, that does sound way too dramatic, doesn’t it? How about: today begins the journey to reduce the size of my backside? That’s more apropos to my personality anyway.

Pretty straightforward workout. I raised the height of the box a bit and implemented the cues from Dave Tate’s box squatting videos. They felt very good, except I was wearing my Chinese knock-off Chucks and my right foot kept sliding away. I was in imminent danger of doing box splits instead of box squats. I tried the old basketball player trick of spitting on the bottom of my shoes, but all that did was cover me and the floor in spit and possibly make everything more slippery. Good thing the weight was light or I may have been writing this amusing anecdote from the ER.

I tried out some zercher squats this morning. The first set I was wearing the aforementioned Chucks and my form was horrid. My upper body is still waaaaay bent over. I switched to my oly lifting shoes for the last two sets and they looked a little better and felt a lot better.

Ankle mobility, I does not have it.

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