The Squat and Me

The squat and I have many issues. For one, I hate them. Absolutely freaking hate them. For two, I totally suck at them. My form is horrendous and no matter how hard I try or what cues I implement I still can’t squat correctly. It feels like I’m beating my head against a brick wall when it comes to this movement.

My internet buddy/ranching weightlifting sista Barb asked me recently why I’m even doing them. Why not do something else? Anything else?

That is an excellent question which I have pondered many a time while being crushed under a loaded bar. Many a savvy weightlifting coach has pointed out that it’s pretty darn stupid to do a movement that you are either not built for or is physically difficult for you to do. Plus, if it hurts you why the hell are you doing it, you bonehead? Well, I sorta have to do squats, mostly because of this:

That, my friends, is kata guruma. If I want to test for my black belt in judo I have to complete this throw, once from the left side and once from the right side, as a part of Nage No Kata. There really isn’t any substitute for lifting something heavy on your back besides… well, lifting something heavy on your back.

I would love to do nothing for legs besides deadlifting, sled dragging and lunges ā€“ but I have a feeling that the squat will be my best ally, even if I do hate them.

Ways I plan to implement squats into my repertoire despite my physical limitations:

Zercher squats
Box squats
Concentric squats
Squat lockouts

Oh yeah, and practicing lifting an actual human being on my back during judo practice isn’t a bad idea either.



3 thoughts on “The Squat and Me

  1. Sounds like you have a plan & it looks like a fine place to start. Zercher squats are a good time šŸ˜‰

    BB hack squat
    front squat
    split squats
    Top 1/2 squats (need a cage for this tho, attached a video of it for ya)

    • Hmmm, maybe that is what I’m thinking of as squat lockouts. Seems the top 1/2 squats have a little more range of motion. I’ll be doing those for sure, thanks for the video!

      I do need to build a rack, probably won’t take long once I get the materials. Did you bolt yours to the floor?

      • No i didn’t bolt it to the floor or attach it to the rafters. I should though – but I am just keeping some weight on the back of it so that is dont move around on me.
        Lazy I know but I need my rack to stay mobile so that I can move it as I need the garage for party’s.

        You may think about adding in some explosive movements too. Jump squats, vert jumps etc…. this will help your weighted squats with out a doubt.

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