Exploratory Surgery

Today I did some ‘sperimenting with box squats – kind of like exploratory surgery. The verdict: I can keep my upper body more upright than a non-box back squat, so that’s probably what I should be doing lest vertebrates shoot out my back and across the room. (Yes, I know vertebrates are small animals and not a piece of my anatomy, but my squats are so bad that small animals may, indeed, shoot out of my back and across the room.) Another thing I found out today is that my butt and hamstrings are apparently just slabs of meat hanging off my legs and serve no apparent purpose since they don’t work when I squat.

You’re welcome for that image. I think my readership just dropped from 11 to zero.

Box Squat – Find 1RM
75# x 3 / 85# x 1 / 95# x 1 / 105# x 1 / 115# x 1

Shoulder Press – Find 1RM
55# x 5 / 65# x 2 / 70# x 1 / 72# x 1 / 75# x 1 (F)

I worked up to a one rep max on the box squat and the shoulder press. I’m going back to Wendler 5/3/1. I’ve tried lots of different programs (Starting Strength, CrossFit Strength Bias, CrossFit Football, Power to the People, etc.) and the one I keep coming back to is Wendler.

Speaking of Wendler, he has a great article up on T-Nation about goal setting

“I recommend sitting down and putting ten things on paper that all lead to the end. These are the things that if done with focus and attitude will undoubtedly lead you to your promised land. From there, each of these goals can be broken down a bit further into daily goals. This allows you to focus on the tasks at hand and not be overwhelmed by the big picture. Any goal can seem unreachable when it is years away. But anyone can eat 4 healthy meals a day, lift, do your homework and do some sprints. Anyone can practice hard for one more play. Anyone can dig their cleats in for one more hill sprint. Remember that when you chip away at the big rock only pebbles may fall off but eventually the thing will crumble.”

Here’s a video of my effort today:

And here’s a palate cleanser for your eyeballs after watching that – Dave Tate’s Death Squat workout:

and the master teaching the box squat:


3 thoughts on “Exploratory Surgery

  1. Nice work on the pressing and box squats…….

    Here is a thought for you to mill over…… A lot of people are stuck with that “I HAVE to do that lift” mentality. If you are not structurally built to do a lift, that you do not plan on competing in the lift and that there is an alternative that will give you better results, then it is obvious to me that you should go with that 2nd option.

    How are your front squats?? Maybe a better option for you or even trap bar deadlifts. Just some thoughts to think over.

  2. That is an excellent point Barb. I have been thinking about doing something else, but in my case it’s a bit complicated. I’ll probably write a post about it in the next few days.

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